Saturday, 8 August 2009

See what the postman brought

I just had to share with you the lovely bits of ephemera that have just arrived on my doormat. As you know I love anything from the 20s and 30s was excited about receiving these wonderful bridge tally cards. I spotted them in the lovely Etsy shop Redheadvintagepaper (well worth a visit)and spent ages deliberating over which to have. Yesterday they finally arrived having travelled all the way from America. They have a temporary home on my kitchen dresser while I consider where to put them.

Then, this morning some lovely scraps arrived of cute little 1920s children, very Mabel Lucie Attwell like. They all have googly eyes which give them rather startled expressions !


Anonymous said...

I love the pink one with, May diamonds shine .... it's very sweet.

Anonymous said...

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a mermaids purse said...

love all your post and piccys! such a sweet blog...i do love little treasures myself ;0)

x kazzy x