Friday, 14 August 2009

A Good Read

If you fancy a light and enjoyable read this is a lovely book. I have just finished reading it and enjoyed all of the wonderful descriptions of vintage clothes. It is the story of Phoebe who owns a vintage dress shop in London and tells the tale of her relationship with her best friend. This is interwoven with the story of an elderly French lady who sells Phoebe some clothes. Her story is also about her best friend and is set in Avignon during the 2nd World War.


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh I love a good book. And that one sounds like a really good and interesting read.

Love your flyers for your vintage fair. Good luck with everything.


MelMel said...

I'd have bought that just for the cover...looks fab!x

Annie x said...

Sounds like a fab read hun, thanks for sharing!
by the way thanks for the emails with the info!! Can't wait now! Don't have a cheque book as I never did order another after the last one ran out!! DOH!! But I have paypal or will give you cash on the day hun...also..
the trader that buys my stock for the antique fair sells second hand furniture for great prices ( I got my white pedestal table and 4 chairs for £50!!) and he delivers for a fiver only!!
He was wondering if there would be A) room for him and B) Interest in the product?
I told him I would ask...what do you think? maybe if he bough the dressers and such do you think there would be interested buyers??

Let me know hun

Annie x

charl said...

i have just finished reading this book for the second time.. its great isnt it.. i love the description of all the clothes.. makes me want to own my own shop!!!!

Felicity said...

oh it sounds lovely, i have just read the accidental time traveller about a woman who goes back to the 50s it was a bit obvious in places but there were some lovely descriptions about tea cosies and afternoon tea and fifties clothes! fliss xx