Monday, 3 August 2009

Tulips From Amsterdam

Last night I tackled my pantry. This always seems such a daunting task, emptying it out and cleaning all the shelves. However once it is done I feel an enormous sense of satisfaction with everything arranged in an orderly fashion. I do love having a a pantry, my grandma had one in her house and it was where she kept sweets and biscuits as well as her homemade cakes amongst other things. Anyway after cleaning it all out I remembered a little stash of vintage American shelf papers I had bought a few years ago and shoved in a drawer. The papers all have different patterned edges which you fold over to hang over the edge of the shelf. I particularly like the cheerful Dutch pattern with clogs and tulips so decided to give it ago and I am very happy with it although my daughter thinks it is 'weird ' ! It seems I am a continual source of embarrassment for my teenage daughter whose friends have 'normal' mums who like brand new houses and furniture and sleek fitted kitchens. Oh well I tell myself she will understand and appreciate when she is older.
I took a few photos to show you before re-filling the shelves with assorted tins and packets. I am on holiday from work this week, the sun is out again and I am going to try and catch up with a few more jobs as well as have a few days out including a day with my mum at a spa as a  treat for her 60th.


Sal said...

Love your 'teapot' edging and the little jug!;-)

Thecraftytrundler said...

Lovely pantry!! I want one now!!! It's so pretty.

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Wow that's very pretty. I love the tins and that pretty jug. My mum has a pantry in her house, although its always been used and known as "dad's" cupboard! (it has all diy stuff in there.)

My daughters are too young at the moment to start questioning my tastes. But I am sure they will. And new houses and sleek kitchens dont much apeal to me either. So you are not alone. And plus they reckon as we get older we emulate our parents style, because that what makes us more comfortable. Lol. Although I dont think a teenager would much appreciate that!

rosinagrey said...

Happy memories of my mum's (Ann's grandma's ) pantry. When I was little mum had a thrawl in her pantry to keep things cool. The thrawl was a slab of marble from an old wash stand. The pantry was cool as it was on the north side of the house and got no sun. She also had a wooden meat safe with awire mesh covered door to ventilate but keep flies out. The shelves were full of jars of home-made jam and chutneys and bottled fruit in kilner jars.

Hen said...

Your shelves look fab, I am so envious of your pantry, I'd love one, will have to specify one when we next move house! I'm sure your daughter will appreciate it all when she's older and inherit her mum's good taste.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and taking the time to comment.
Hen x

vintage flair1 said...

Hi, I love the Teapot edging it looks so pretty.
Are the tins from Cath Kidston? they are gorgeous.