Saturday, 4 June 2011

Vintage Finds

This little lady arrived this week from the US. I had bought her to add to my little collection and was really pleased when she arrived as she was loads bigger than I expected. I really ought to take notice of measurements but in this case it was a real plus.

This sleepy head is a pretty 1930s print I found in a charity shop .

Mr C and I headed for a boot sale this morning. We haven't really been to any yet this year but decided to give it a go today as the sun was shining and we were up fairly early. I found these sweet couple of books illustrated by Renee Cloke.

This Midwinter sugar sifter is gorgeous although the top is pretty tarnished. The little ladle is really pretty too, not sure what it would have been used for though.

This enormous rosy pitcher was a good find but heavy to carry around !

Both of these paintings are originals. Mr C will paint the frame of the top one. The street scene is local to us in Kettering and is somehow reminiscent of a 1950s Agatha Christie scene.

These are little pair of painted bakelite egg cups.

We found assorted old playing cards and various pieces of pretty china.

I also bought a pile of pretty vintage crocheted blankets.

Mr C also found this lovely old Singer sewing machine at a local auction this week. It seems to be in full working order but looks great for display.

The garden has taken a bit of hammering this last few weeks.

Even so there are some lovely David Austin roses in full bloom.

I bought this lovely rose last week when I was out with my mum at a nursery near her house. It is a new David Austin rose called Princess Alexandra of Kent and is a gorgeous dusky pink with a beautiful scent.