Saturday, 4 June 2011

Vintage Finds

This little lady arrived this week from the US. I had bought her to add to my little collection and was really pleased when she arrived as she was loads bigger than I expected. I really ought to take notice of measurements but in this case it was a real plus.

This sleepy head is a pretty 1930s print I found in a charity shop .

Mr C and I headed for a boot sale this morning. We haven't really been to any yet this year but decided to give it a go today as the sun was shining and we were up fairly early. I found these sweet couple of books illustrated by Renee Cloke.

This Midwinter sugar sifter is gorgeous although the top is pretty tarnished. The little ladle is really pretty too, not sure what it would have been used for though.

This enormous rosy pitcher was a good find but heavy to carry around !

Both of these paintings are originals. Mr C will paint the frame of the top one. The street scene is local to us in Kettering and is somehow reminiscent of a 1950s Agatha Christie scene.

These are little pair of painted bakelite egg cups.

We found assorted old playing cards and various pieces of pretty china.

I also bought a pile of pretty vintage crocheted blankets.

Mr C also found this lovely old Singer sewing machine at a local auction this week. It seems to be in full working order but looks great for display.

The garden has taken a bit of hammering this last few weeks.

Even so there are some lovely David Austin roses in full bloom.

I bought this lovely rose last week when I was out with my mum at a nursery near her house. It is a new David Austin rose called Princess Alexandra of Kent and is a gorgeous dusky pink with a beautiful scent.


Pearly Queen said...

Surely the ladle would have been for cream? A perfect summer set for strawberries and cream.

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gosh Anne your garden is gorgeous! And the dolly is a real cuties!

My fave though has to be those playing cards, they remind me of my childhood! It was great to see you both last weekish, we had a brilliant day out!

Protector of Vintage said...

Wow, I love your recent finds and the garden is looking lovely!!

Fading Grace said...

What lovely things, love the playing cards and the little lady from America. Your garden is looking so pretty xx

Carol said...

Some fantastic finds, I'd love a hand sewing machine, and your garden looks beautiful.
Carol xx

The Cloth Shed said...

Lovely things, especially the village street scene...are you keeping it or will it be for sale?
Julie x

Susan said...

Oh I love the laddle and the sugar thingie! I would have carried that pitcher around all day if I had too. It is beautiful!

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

Gorgeous finds Ann! I love those playing cards x

A Blessed Life said...

Well what a wonderful lot of goodies,I can only imagine it must have been a great boot sale,very envious,the garden looks lovely.

Vintage Sunday said...

What absolutely beautiful finds! Such loveliness, and your garden is just delightful! Love Brenda

Susy said...

But how many good things you've found!
Maybe they were even here.
In August, I come to see you eh!
A hug
Susy x

gillyflower said...

You've got some great vintage finds there! Love the old book illustrated by Reen Cloke, and the pretty china. The old sewing machine looks wonderful.
Lovely paintings and crochet blankets too - treasures galore!!!
Thanks for your comment - Logan belongs to my teenage daughter so am not surprised he should be admired by another teenager - mine tried to get Logan into a bag today to carry him, but he's not been exposed to much Hollywood stuff so didnt co-operate - despite his small size he's a proper dog - no namby pamby handbag dog is Logan!

gillyflower said...

PS, Forgot to say how beautiful the DA roses are, especially the new one, and what are those lovely pale pink flowers in the first flower pic - are they poppies?
Gill x

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Some lovely finds .... does your baby print have an artist's name on it please ... you know how partial I am to these ;-)

Scarlett said...

wow you found so many pretty things! My bootsale sunday was rained off :o( Scarlett x

wend said...

Gorgeous finds again Ann! Loving the cards. Not to mention the DA roses. What is the name of the dark red one?

Thecraftytrundler said...

Beautiful finds!!! I particularly love the rosy pitcher!!!On the rosy theme, your David Austin roses are gorgeous too. I have three in terracotta planters, so they can be permanently in situ when I move next year.
Looking forward to Olney!!
See you soon : )

Sharon xx

Pennyblossoms said...

Great collection of finds!
And that new DA rose looks a stunner.
Thank you so much for the 'lift' comment! Hope I don't ever have to do that again!
Z xx