Sunday, 25 October 2009

Vintage Linens and Embroidery

This last week has been very busy, both on the work front and also preparing for the Northampton vintage fair. I have been sorting through all my old linens some of which I had forgotten I had. I love the wonderful colours and designs. The work that went in to some of these is incredible, I remember my grandma teaching me to embroider when I was a child. She had lots of lovely transfers and I can remember embroidering a whole table cloth. I really should give embroidery another go, I remember enjoying it all those years ago.

These two pictures below are pillowcases, hence the creases, sorry ! They are currently in use on my bed. I have never seen any like this before as they are not only embroidered but also have little padded appliqued flowers.

The two pictures below are of an enormous pale yellow linen table cloth with lovely circular designs.

This table cloth is one of my favourites , it is embroidered with very pretty hyacinths which are one of my favourite flowers.

This cloth is embroidered with lovely delicate cross stitch.

This is a cast iron doorstop I found in a charity shop this week. I have always liked the Hubley doorstops but they are rare especially in the UK and very expensive. This is an original Hubley design but sadly not an original doorstop. Hubley sold their moulds in the 1940s to another company and I believe this is one of theirs but I think it still has some age to it. It has a stamp in a rectangular box on the back at the bottom. I can't read it properly because it has been painted over. If anyone knows any more about these please let me know.


Sal said...

I love vintage embroidery!
I found some of those padded embroidery pieces, recently, in a charity shop in town.They are really pretty.
The doorstop is lovely too!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

gorgeous embroidery eye candy!

Sarah x

marble rose said...

What a beautiful post. It caught my eye because yesterday I completed an embroidery that I bought at a carboot that had been half finished. My effect didn't match the skill of the original, but I did my best and now it is finished and.....I really enjoyed it!!!

xx said...

You have made me get that feeling I get whenever I see vintage embroidery. A kind of insane want want want feeling! Aghhhh I want! Lovely suzie. x :)

Barb said...

What beautiful stitchery.

I've really developed a love for them in the past couple of years.


barbara jean

Tilly Rose said...

I collect vintage linens if I can find them with the intention of turning them into something else but then can't face cutting into them! I love your pics....all that beautiful work!
I'm a newbie to blogging feel freeto drop in to my blog
I'm very excited to read about your fair...really hoping to visit. good luck! Would be very interested in exhibiting at another one as this one is too soon...
Hugs Karen x

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

There is something to be said for the art of embroidery, so very pretty makes me want to get my needle and thread out again.

MelMel said...

Ihave a doorstop like yours....I don't think its an orignal one, but its still nice and it was £ thats not bad!


cranchermakeup said...

Lovely site!
Hope this helps I have this door stop also
I think these are my numbers
EM16 ?7298
Thanks and good luck