Sunday, 5 July 2009

Latest Finds

This morning I spent a pleasant couple of hours pottering around a flea market in a neighbouring market town and managed to find some fascinating pieces of ephemera and a lovely old classroom poster of the seaside which I will frame and hang in my bathroom. On the way home we stopped off at some old stables which had been converted in to a courtyard selling afternoon teas and and assorted dusty collectables. I managed to find some old floral tapestry panels which at some point I will attempt to convert in to cushions. I do keep finding things that I have ideas for and then never seem to have the time to actually make any of them. Finally just before arriving home we called in to our local recycling centre previously known as the 'tip' and I found an old plaster floral swag that looks very like the adornments on Barbola mirrors. All in all not a bad day's work and all the better for the lovely sunshine.

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