Sunday, 12 July 2009

Cherry Picking

I have had to pick all the cherries on the tree today. I should have done this a few days ago as the thrushes have been feasting on them for days. The plum tree has also been dropping lots of lovely sweet plums so all these have been picked. Mr Cornerhouse has been preparing all the fruit for freezing and has just started to make a fruit pie for dinner, yummy....


Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Ann

We used to live at No 52, and Mum lived at No 4, which is by the traffic lights and was converted to flats last year. Know The Drive well, and all roads between PAN and Nene College (sorry university) where I used to teach. I spent 32 years as a Northamptonian and knew it all like the back of my hand. Get lost when we venture there these days!

Look forward to seeing you in November!

Sue x

Cavania said...

Yummy, I must try my hand at growing fruit and veg.