Sunday, 20 September 2009

Autumn Treasures

What a beautiful day it has been ! We went on a lovely walk with Josh the dog to our local park. The ground was covered in wonderful gleaming deep chestnut conkers. I couldn't resist bringing some home with me although I don't know what I will do with them.
On the way to the park we passed a man loading a skip with the beautiful old stained glass windows from his house. He told us we could have them if we wanted them. They are very similar to the ones we have in our house and we have a bit of a weakness for stained glass so of course we had to go back for them. When we went back with the car an hour or so later I half expected them to be gone but instead they were neatly stacked and waiting for us. We have 14 windows now stored away in the garage ready for some future project !


Annie x said...

WOW you lucky thing!! Those windows are fanastic!! Finding conkers are my fave perk of autumn! IF you use a thick needle you can poke a hole to insert some florists wires in them to create a conker wreath..BEWARE though its so time consuming to get JUST conkers to fill it up so if you are going to do this get A) A small wreath and B) some fake foliage and berries to add bulk to it!!
Nice park too!!
Thanks for the info about the moo cards..just need to decide on a design now!!
Annie x said...

Oh my gawd! How I would like to come across a skip like that! You are too lucky! I would like to come across some 1920's doors! all our windows have stained glass, and I love it, I cant believe how any one could even think of throwing them in a skip! Suzie. x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Loving those windows! what an unexpected turn of events! they are gorgeous.

Such a pretty park too. And the conkers are gorgeous too. Autumn personified.


Lisa said...

What a fantastic find!
Another conker lover here, so glossy when new aren't they.

Elise said...

You are too lucky - well done to get such a find !

rosinagrey said...

wow I hope they match your window size. Mr Cornerhouse is going to be busy in future!!