Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Floral Finds

I have discovered and re-discovered some pretty floral bits and pieces in the last week or two. First of all I treated myself to this lovely Worcester Ware tin from Louise Loves. I have long admired these rosy tins with their red lids but frequently the roses are more yellowy orange than red and it's the red ones I particularly like.

This little lamp with it's shade covered in a patchwork of vintage rosy eiderdown fabric has been tucked away in a cupboard. I bought it a long time ago thinking I would probably sell it at some point. I re-discovered it at the back of a cupboard the other day and decided to give it a home, at least for now.

I bought these pretty tea towels from Primark last week.

They cost a couple of pounds which has to be a bargain as they are lovely and soft as well as pretty.

These three miniature butter knives were another recent find. I have never seen any so small before and they are really sweet. They are a lot smaller than usual vintage butter knives you find. The larger green knife is a Cath Kidston knife just to give you an idea of scale.

This little embroidered mat was a 10p bargain I found at a table top sale on Saturday.

The sugar bowl on the right is another recent boot sale find. I already had the other bowl and one odd tea cup in this design. I don't know what the pattern is as none of the pieces are marked but I love it and am always on the look out for more pieces.

Finally more spring bulbs, this time some cheerful tete-a-tete in the old marmalade jar. The basket of white hyacinths was a £4 bargain from M&S reduced from £13. I can't wait for them to flower. I am really not sure why they were reduced as when I have been back since they are back to full price.

I hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine, sadly I am stuck indoors at work all day but at least it means coming home while it is still lovely and light in the evening. The rest of the week will be busy as Mr C finishes off last minute jobs to prepare for the first vintage fair in Buckingham on Sunday. Hopefully the weather will stay fine and people will pop along and support the fair.


Jem said...

These are lovely finds - particularly keen on the pretty sugar bowl and that embroidered mat for 10p - that's an amazing find!

Jem xXx

bellaboo said...

Loving the tea towels and the sweet little knives..you do find such lovely things! :0)

Susan said...

You found some very special floral treasures!!

Josie-Mary said...

I love those tea towels! Some lovely finds there :) x

Josie-Mary said...

I love those tea towels! Some lovely finds :) x

ted and bunny said...

hiya- hope all is well with you.

Mark has nails in his shed stored in that Worcesterware tin- it was in his dad's shed before that, and try as I might I cannot lever it away from him to bring in the house!!

Hope you're enjoying the weather when you can
all love

delia hornbook said...

Wow you have some really lovely buys there. Love the rose tin that is gorgeous. Your lamp looks so sweet on the table and i really like your bowls very pretty. Good old primark they have some homeware in there at the moment. Good luck on Sunday and have fun, dee x

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Lovely finds Ann, see you at the fair on Sunday.

melanie said...

I love all your florals, and those tea towels are just gorgeous, I must get some :) xxx