Monday, 15 November 2010

Brackley Antiques Cellar

This is our new little venture, a small space became available over at Brackley Antique Cellar. This is an amazing place, one of the largest antiques centres I have been to and full of lovely vintage things as well as an interiors room with shabby chic style home wares and Cath Kidston goodies. There is also a cafe where you can get hot food or just tea and cake. Debbie and I are sharing this space to see how it goes. In fairness it is more Mr C than me. My work commitments are quite high at the moment and he has more time and flexibility to go backwards and forewards to re-stock and keep all the records etc. Not that I am complaining as it means he does the hard work and I do the fun bit going out on little buying trips with him. This is a picture as we were setting up on Friday and there is still some work to be done to pretty the area up a bit.

If you are anywhere near Northamptonshire I would recommend a visit and of course please look out for our little space at unit 95. If you do plan a trip allow yourself a good couple of hours to look round, you won't be disappointed.
Since writing this post I have now moved to a larger space which is unit 60.

Mr C spotted this little cupboard at Brackley and brought it home to do some work on it. The doors had been paneled in and covered with pretty paper but we want to use it for display so Mr C is re-fitting the glass in to the doors. It goes really well with my old W.I. cabinet so will probably go somewhere in the hall when it is finished.

I found the picture at the top for a couple of pounds last week.I bought it because it is by the artist Frank Sherwin who was famous for painting railway posters from the 1930s onwards. The picture below is an original Frank Sherwin water colour I found in a charity shop some years ago. When I found the picture at the top I thought it was a print until I got it home. Mr C took it apart to clean it and renovate the frame and we discovered it was yet another original ! It is of Barking House on the Isle of Arran.

Mr C, has been painting old frames in the lovely Annie Sloan chalk paint and re-framing old prints ready to take to Brackley. The yellowy, cream paint sets the pictures of beautifully and gives them a new lease of life.

Mr C found this for me as a surprise last week, yet another painted glass with a crinoline lady to match the one he bought me a few moths ago. I love painted glass and this one is a particularly elegant cocktail glass. I have to say he certainly seems to be getting better at spotting things he knows I will like, the training is obviously paying off !


Tabbyroo said...

We will have to visit the Antiques centre, sounds like the sort of place you could lose several hours in. Good Luck with it Linda xx

Hesta Nesta said...

I am going to be paying Brackley antiques a visit Ann, it looks wonderful, and your stall looks fab. I love the cupboard you have bought, and it is so handy having a hubby good at DIY..Andy always manages to renovate my finds.
Jo xx

sylviesgarden said...

I think I should be asking your advice on how train my hubby. Mr C has got a great eye.
I love those paintings and the fact that you found an original in a charity is extremely lucky.

Jenny at Red House said...

I love all your bits n pieces and I too have a soft spot for anything crinoline ladyish! all the best with your new venture. jennyx

Thecraftytrundler said...

I love Brackley Antiques Centre, and visit there quite a bit, as OH lives at Buckingham!! Your stand looks gorgeous, and I will be looking out for it!!
Did want to get some of the Annie Sloan paint, but there weren't many colours left. Will have to try next time.
Love your finds!

Sharon xx

vintage mum said...

It all looks great would love to have a wander around one day good luck
Cate x

John Gray said...

love your banner fox terrier! and your scottie on the right hand photo

are they for sale????

Pennyblossoms said...

Good luck with the new venture, Ann.
I am very impressed how well you have trained Mr C. He's very good isn't he?
I'm not sure how to get to Brackley by bus or if it is even feasible. With have to look into that one!!
Z xx

Country Style Living said...

Good Luck with your new venture, your space looks great...Is the Annie Sloan paint good, I read about it recently, you don't have to sand etc, is that right? Great finds those 2 watercolours and love those glasses.....

Susy said...

Hello dear,
how nice I read that you exhibit in
an antique center, how I envy you!
I come to see you in August, I tell
the day you're there.
A warm hug Susy

monah said...

Congrats on your new space. I really like it. Wish I could visit but too far away.

I especially like the big skirted girl glasses.


Jem said...

The antiques centre looks like heaven!! I can imagine myself getting completely lost in the treasures there :-)

Congratulations on your new venture!! The very best of luck with it all - will pop by and visit if I persuade the other half into a half day of browsing!

Jem xXx

Lady Cherry said...

Hi there I have nominated your blog for an award, have a look at my latest post for details xx

Andi's English Attic said...

I'm on my least, hopefully the first half term of next year. Perhaps I can persuade hubs to take a trip to Northampton. I don't have to tell him why until he can't escape!

Felicity said...

oh what a lovely post! i love the puppy picture the frames look really good! You are so lucky with mr c! i wish i could get steve to come thrifty shopping with me and to buy me lovely glasses! good luck with your new venture if i lived closer id love to have a browse! fliss xxx

Pearly Queen said...

Wow - yes! I love Brackley Antique Centre!

I used to live not far away and visited often, but now (after 4 years in France) I am living down South and too far away for a quick pop-in visit.

You really do need lots of time as it is HUGE!

I feel an urge to visit a friend in Kenilworth - stopping off at Brackley on the way...

tracey @ the vintage bothy said...

Hi Ann, you are very lucky, I am hoping to find a space in a centre,well done.
I love that cabinet.
Tracey x


HI Annie, Would love to look around the antique centre, you know me well enough from my blog to know i would be very tempted!1 Love the cupbord and the doggie picture you have a great eye for treasures! Love Linda x x

Anonymous said...

Hi Annie,
Finally found your blog, I think it’s great. Thank you to everyone for their nice comments about Annie and Brackley Anique Cellar. I am so delighted you joined us at the Cellar, and look forward to you taking up your second unit.

Kind Regards,
Debbe Perry,
Manager at the Brackley Antique Cellar

Anonymous said...

Hi There, I am off to the Brackley Antiques Cellar today, for the first time, I will be sure to look at your unit space 95. Thank you for your information, sounds a great place to visit. Regards Debi