Sunday, 11 July 2010

Vintage At Hampton Court Flower Show

Yesterday on what must have been the hottest day of the year so far we headed off to the Hampton Court Flower show. After a long, hot drive we reached the magnificent Hampton Court with it's stunning gardens.

I love the regal avenue of yew trees, they are such a beautiful dark green and wonderful shapes.

Inside the flower tents were beautiful displays of some of my favourite flowers.

The ferns looked wonderfully cool and shady on such hot day. They were displayed by Fernatix who have appeared at Chelsea and on Gardener's World.

I love sweet peas and bought seed for the lovely dark pinky red ones in the top right hand corner. They are called 'Fields Of Fire'.

A table set for tea in a country garden

I thought these looked spectacular together

This year there was a vintage theme at the show. I wasn't expecting this so along with the Country Living marquee and the Vintage marquee I was very happy.

There was a theme of vintage village fete and tea on the lawn and the marquee was beautifully decorated with bunting.

The chair was completely made from plants as was the tea pot and cup cakes.

The blue cushion on the Lloyd Loom chair was made out of delicate flower heads.

These were some beautiful posies on Jane Packer's stand.

The show gardens were interesting but struggling in the heat.

This one wasn't my usual sort of style but it looked so cool and inviting.

In the rose tent there was a theme of A Midsummer Nights Dream. The David Austin roses were beautiful as always.

We left at the end of the day as the sun was starting to go down and we watched the green parakeets flying wild over the lovely gardens.


Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

How lovely that they had a vintage theme too!!
Thanks for sharing the prettiness x
Annie x

Rebecca White said...

Wow, what gorgeous pictures! Thank you for sharing. I wasn't sure I was a fan of the alliums, but those look particularly lovely!

Razmataz said...

It is so nice to see Hampton court. My brother used to live near it and so I have been a few times and loved it. Especially the gardens and the kitchens.

Thecraftytrundler said...

Flowers, gardens and Vintage, what more could a girl want?!!!!
Thanks for sharing with us, would love to have been there!

Sharon xx

Elizabeths Attic said...

What lovely photos I am off to Tatton in a couple of weeks so I hope the displays are as stunning. I will take photos and post them. I loved the table set for tea, I could just see myself sitting drinking a lovely cup of tea and eating a cup cake. Ah British Country Life nothing like it.

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Wonderful pictures Ann, love the vintage theme that was a bit of luck.

My Grannies Attic said...

What lovely photos of HC!!
I have to admit I decided not to go to the flower show this year - and we only live around the corner!!
I have been soooooo busy with one thing and another - but I am really regretting that I didn't now - missing all of that vintage!!!
Kerry xxxx

bellaboo said...

Thank you for the lovely tour of the flower show...brilliant pics! Haven't been to Hampton Court for years.I wonder if the maze is still there?

Bellaboo ;0)

Tabbyroo said...

Spectacular photos Ann, particularly love the flower cupcakesx

vintage mum said...

Just posted my pics of H.C.
Maybe we should have had a bloggers corner :)

did you see the stilt walkers? I didn't manage to get a picture there was a sunflower, a butterfly and a lilly, they looked cooked,
have a good week
Cate x

michelle said...

Well my favourite has to be the chair and cups!! How clever some people are! The hours it must have taken to make them!

Its not Vintage, but I am having a Give Away on my Blog if you fancy having a look.
Michelle x

The Little Vintage Company said...

Gorgeous photos!! The vintage theme works so well with the lovely pastel shades of the flowers - simply beautiful!
Tamzin X

Taylor said...

great color!

Andi's English Attic said...

Thank you for that. A treat. What a riot of colour. xx

melanie said...

How enchanting :) xxx

Anonymous said...

What absolutely gorgeous photos. I felt as if I was there.

Ticking stripes said...

Lovely,lovely post - gorgeous delphiniums and alliums! I must try to get to Hampton Court sometime...

Debbie said...

I saw it on t.v! And I told hubby that next here... I would love to go there!
Let`s hope he gets the hint!
The flowers and the setting looks so inviting!