Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tea For Two ?

Saturday morning Mr C and I decided to try a new car boot sale and arrived bright and early, it was great to bump in to a few vintage loving friends but overall I think I prefer our Sunday morning trips. However I did find this over sized tea pot. I couldn't resist it although I have no idea what I will do with it. It doesn't look so big in the photo but it is the sort of thing you would find in church hall kitchens. It goes very well with the Beryl, Woods Ware cups and saucers I found in a charity shop last week. I already have some of these but couldn't say no to a few more, the pretty violets tea cups were also found in a charity shop.

Today I was very excited when I got home and unwrapped my lovely bag from Ted and Bunny. The bag in the middle is my absolute favourite and also purchased from Ted and Bunny a long time ago. The bag on the right is from the lovely Hesta Nesta.

Last week Mr C and I spotted this cupboard at the Northampton Antiques Centre. We have been looking for one to go in the alcove at the side of our fireplace in the back room. We knew this was perfect when we saw it and Mr C immediately set to work on putting it up. Sadly it was not to be. It is incredibly heavy and was obviously designed to sit on top of a dresser and not hung on a wall. After hours of work fixing batons to the wall etc Mr C had to tell me it was not going to happen. I am now left with something of a white elephant although I still love it. I am trying to convince myself that it looks ok stood on the hall floor as I really don't have room for a dresser base as well. I think I will have to fill it with some vintage treasures and live with it for a while.

These are a few things I found at the Saturday boot sale, the coronation tin has already been purchased from my Etsy shop .

I also found this framed set of C Klein vintage rose postcards with the backs showing on the reverse. A man was selling his whole collection of framed sets which still had old, very high price stickers on them. Luckily for me I snapped this one up cheaply along with the big tea pot.

Sunday we had a slow start and gave the boot sale a miss. Instead, in the afternoon we headed to the lovely village of Castle Ashby to meet my parents. We had a wander round the little shops in the shopping yard, bought a few treats from the deli and then headed over the road to the pretty Falcon Inn. Sitting in the pub garden with a glass of wine was a lovely way to round off the weekend.


Vintagemaison said...

I love the bags - gorgeous fabric! Carol x

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

Ooh you got some great finds there!!!
Hows about putting some legs made from stair post on till you can find a bottom for the cupboard I'm sure you could find a chest of drawers for it to sit on if thats suitable for where you want to put it?
Hope you are all well and dont forget to pop over for the giveaway hunny xx
Annie xx

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

I should have known you would go for that bag, it is really lovely like so many of Ted & Bunny's vintage items.

A Treasured Past said...

Love the violet tea set! The bags are just gorgeous! The postcards divine! I also love the cabinet, filled with vintage beauties I am sure it will look perfect stood on the floor. I love the photo in your blog header by the way :)Tamara

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Just realised my mum and dad had the green Beryl Woods Ware tea set, drank my tea out of them for a great many years.

Me said...

Hi. Love that teapot. And the cabinet is lovely. I had the same issue with one I purchased. When it was hung, it looked like it was missing the bottom and with a bottom it looked like the top was the worng one. I ended up standing it on the floor and putting a small shelf above it. I actually just posted it yesterday on my blog in my kitchen makeover. Her is the link if you want to see it.


Elizabeths Attic said...

I love the teapot reminds me of church bazarrs (is that the correct spelling) of my childhood - our church has a big monstrosity of an electric boiler type thing - gone are the days of the teapots....
Beverley x

ted and bunny said...

thankyou for the lovely link- really kind.
I had such a pang when I saw the big bag again...I feel really happy that it's gone to someone so appreciative!

Your other finds look just divine.
Is the cabinet too big to put over a desk secretaire-style?
It's always difficult to think clearly about a new role for something that was so set in your mind before you bought it.

LissyLou said...

the bags, the bags, i love the bags!!!!

Vintage from the Village said...

You could drill a hole in the bottom of the tea pot and put plants in it ?
or fill it with tea and drink it all ha ha

JP said...

I think the cupboard looks just fine on the floor - it is lovely

bellaboo said...

How disappointing about the cupboard,but I'm sure it will look fab filled with all your lovely things.I have shelves and a corner cupboard that have been sitting in the garage for ages..waiting for Mr Boo to get round to fixing them to the wall!
Yes..I see that teapot in the garden too with a nice plant in it!

Bellaboo :0)

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Reading your posts it seems to be that Mr C i s as bad as you for a bargain hunters eye! Lucky you xx

sharie said...

You could make a bottom plinth for the cuboard so that it will balance out more.
I've spotted a lovely arts and crafts cupboard but haven't a clue where it could go. So can understand your pain.

You found a lot of good stuff recently, well done. BTW Also love the middle bag.

Sal said...

Shame about the cupboard!
I think if it was mine, I would take a paintbrush to it!! But then
I always want to paint things!!
Then maybe you could find a base for it and paint that too ! ;-)
I'd use the tea pot for a trailing Ivy!!
That's sorted that out then!!LOL ;-)

Tabbyroo said...

We saw that tin and said what a lovely colour it was, not surprised you've sold it already xx

Anonymous said...

oh I do hate it when a D.I.Y plan falls through I hope you find somewhere else for your lovely cupboard to go it is so nice I love the stained glass doors .
I love all your other finds too especially the rose cards

Hesta Nesta said...

Lovely finds, I can see why you love the middle bag so much. Thank you for the French Bull dog picture, it is so gorgeous, I meant to thank you ages ago but the builders seem to have taken over our entire lives!! See you at Stamford soon, and are you coming to Matlock next Saturday?
Jo xx

Amy said...

I've got the exact same Coronation tin, I love the colour of it x

melanie said...

What lovely finds :) xxx


Hello there! the bags are so lovely ,love the faded vintageness of them. I agree I also would be tempted to paint the cabinet and it would help to marry a base to the top, a nice vintage cath kidston colour, erm... you still seam to have good luck at the boot fairs, i have had lean pickings, even in cornwall recently... love Linda.