Saturday, 28 November 2009

November Bicycle Basket Bazaar

Today was BBB in Northampton's old fishmarket hall. Deb and I had a bike between us. Unfortunately as we were a little late we ended up next to the outside door so we were pretty cold ! The atmosphere was great as usual and the fish market was bustling with Christmas shoppers.

It's always lovely to catch up with fellow basketeers including Lindsey from 'Elsie Sparrow'. I bought one of her cute Christmas stockings complete with striped candy cane. Also a little mirror made using a page from a comic that brought back memories of my teenage years.

Linda and Jake were there, they had a stall ' Love Thyself ,' at our vintage fair a few weeks ago. I couldn't resist one of Linda's Cinderella tags. I loved this Ladybird book when I was a child. Linda and I both agreed that her blue dress was our favourite, although I think I used to change my mind about my favourite Cinderella dress on a regular basis.

I treated myself to this lovely Father Christmas match box holder, I spotted it amongst Deb's treasures before she had even unpacked ! It's now on my kitchen dresser and it prompted me to fish out my old Father Christmas Bird's Custard jug.

Next Saturday we are going to be at the Bentley Priory Winter Fair. Bentley Priory is the historic home of the Battle of Britain museum so should have a wonderful atmosphere.


THIS'N'THAT said...

Never heard of a bicycle basket fair ... looks great fun!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Cinderella and Rose Red Rose White were my favourites, gosh that tag took me back! Glad you had a successful day

Sarah x

Thecraftytrundler said...

Hi there,
Would have loved to go to the BBB yesterday, however in the week, my car started making odd noises when I changed gear. I asked a nearby neighbour(who's a mechanic) to have a listen. He told me the thrust bearing had gone!!! :( So i'm without a car at the moment!!
If you let me know when the next one is, I will try to get to that!!! Flipping cars!!!

Sharon xx

Wendy said...

Hi Annie
Good to hear from you.
Yes please let your sister know.
How lovely it would be if you were coming along with her. :)
Love your photos - lots of lovely, lovely things.
Hope you are enjoying preparing for Christmas - I'm having a ball!
Take care

Annie said...

Hi Sharon,
we aren't at any more BBBs before Christmas but I think there may be one every Saturday leading up to Christmas.
Ann x

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

Lovely pics Ann xx
I agree with you wholeheartedly that Cinderellas Best dress was the Blue one!!
I actually recived the page in a swap with Treasure happy which I have framed and displayed in my Work room!!
The BBB Looked great!!! I also loved Lindseys Mirrors that I bought 3 of them for Christmas Pressies at your Vintage Fair!!!!
My fave were the Topsy and Tim ones!!
Great post!
Annie x

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oh its all looks so lovely.

Glad everything went well even if you did have to be cold! Love your cinderella tag its really pretty. And think you FC custard jug is really fab.

Have a lovely week.


marble rose said...

Oh I am gushing like a big fat gushy thing here. I ADORE the Cinderella tag!!! I had my wedding dress designed on the gold one! Yes that's how much I loved her dresses (loved the pink - oh and the blue....)

Wonderful post! Thanks


Lisa said...

Hope you had a successful day, despite the cold! Back in the summer I went to an exhibiton at the local art gallery where they had the original illustrations for some of those pictures in that Cinderella book, Oh my goodness they gave me goosebumps!
Lisa x

LissyLou said...

ooo what fun!!