Monday, 2 May 2011

Cambridge From The River

At the weekend I had a wonderful day out to Cambridge with my mum and my lovely girl. The weather was just perfect and Cambridge looked beautiful. We decided to take a tour of the college backs on a punt on the River Cam. This the famous Bridge of Sighs.

This is the historic St John's College which was used for famous scenes in the Harry Potter films.

Clematis and roses tumbled over many of the historic walls.

The views of the colleges are really breathtaking from the river. Drifting along in the sunshine in a punt is just the perfect way to sight see.

The colleges are grand and imposing and each have their own distinct character.

We also explored on foot and enjoyed a pitcher of Pimms in the famous and ancient Eagle pub.

We went in to Queens College and admired the varied range of architectural styles.

Inside the Old Hall there were magnificent stained glass windows and vibrant Arts and Crafts painted walls and ceiling. The tiles around the fireplace are by Morris,Marshall,Faulkner and Co. and Ford Maddox Brown.

The reds and greens were beautiful and impossible to capture properly on a photo.

Kings College is magnificent especially with a bright blue sky as a back drop.

We had a wonderful day and of course managed to fit in a little bit of shopping too. Cambridge has a lively market and great shops including a large Cath Kidston where we had a little browse.


landcuckoo said...

Cambridge is a lovely place for a day out, glad you had a nice time. Good for shopping too isn't it!!
Sarah x

Liz said...

I love visiting Cambridge - there's always a lovely atmosphere about the place. The shops are great too!

Alix said...

Lovely photos - I've only been to Cambridge a couple of times, both times for weddings, so didn't get to do much sightseeing! As my husband's niece is now at Uni there, I think we'll have to go and bug her one weekend!

Vintage Sunday said...

Absolutely breathtaking! What a wonderful place ~ thank you so much for sharing your beautiful photos! Love Brenda

Country Style Living said...

Great photo's. Cambridge is such a lovely place to visit, although it is a while ago since I did......

Fading Grace said...

Lovely photo's....... I grew up just outside cambridge, as a teenager me and my friends used to catch the bus into town, go shopping and get a wimpy for lunch!! It's a lovely town, don't think I could handle a Wimpy now! xx

sylviesgarden said...

It looks lovely. I would love to go.

Anonymous said...

Cambridge looks like a lovely place :) xxx

Amy (Blighty Boutique) said...

Gorgeous pics. I'd love to see Cambridge x

Thecraftytrundler said...

I love Cambridge too!! Hope to get there again soon : )

Sharon xx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Fantastic pictures Ann, it looks like a really good day out!

Please don't mention Pimms! I am a non drinker who was put in charge of a fruity jug of punch while watching the Royal Wedding - 4 glasses later and I was as drunk as a lord and using my flag to point out the goings on of the wedding to the rest of the party goers! Very cringeworthy!

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Having lived in Oxford I tend to gravitate more towards there but after seeing your pictures I feel that a visit is in order.
Would love to be punted down the river too.

Sal said...

I haven't been to Cambridge since I was a student so would love to visit again. And before that,I visited with my parents and my dad insisted on taking us punting... and nearly drowned the lot of us!!