Thursday, 7 April 2011

The Spring Country Living Fair, Mother's Day Treats and Vintage Treasures

This is a bit of catch up for the last couple of weeks I am afraid as I have been rather lazy and not managed to do a posting for a while. Anyway a couple of weeks ago I went off to London with my lovely girl to The Spring Country Living Fair. Although it was exceptionally busy it was still good fun and there were some beautiful stands. Afterwards I had a browse around Camden Passage antique market. I was really surprised to come away with this Union Jack bunting at a bargain price. Not what you expect in London at all. I think it dates to the 1940s or 50s and is in pristine condition with 27 flags. It wasn't exactly cheap but knowing what this is currently selling for on ebay I know I got a bargain. Mr C has been looking for some of this original bunting for ages for us to use at The Northampton Vintage Fair and we hadn't found any at a reasonable price.

Of course I had to pop in to Cath Kidston to spend some money I had been given for my birthday. I treated myself to this lovely bag which is a great size for shopping.

This large vintage Kilner jar was from Acorn and Will's stand at the fair. I think it looks great used to display some cheerful daffs.

The Bluebell Posy candle smells wonderful and was purchased from 'Made In Pixieland's' beautiful stand.

The large fabric covered box was from Velvet Ribbon's lovely stand.

This rather delicious eiderdown also arrived last week. I originally purchased it with the idea that I would probably sell it. As usual by the time it had been washed and dried on the line I had decided I couldn't let it go and it has joined my ever expanding eiderdown collection.

Mr C and I had a day out a couple of weeks ago visiting places recommended to us by Debbie of Lalabibaby. First stop was Hitchin flea market where I found the old French linen mangle cloth and the pair of vintage Kilner jars.We also stopped off at a lovely cafe and deli for some lunch. I couldn't resist a photo of the window displaying the delicious looking meringues.
We then headed off to Country Matters in Hexton where Debbie sells some of her beautiful handmade quilts. This is a village hall which has been turned in to an Aladdin's Cave of vintage and hand made treasures and a lovely tea room. I found the red vintage shopping basket and the old pond yacht. On our way home we stopped at a house clearance shop and I picked up some pretty cups and saucers and old tin sandwich box. All in all it was a lovely day out so thanks Debbie for all the recommendations.

Finally on Sunday I was very spoiled by my lovely girl. These beautiful flowers were delivered to me on Sunday morning and I love them. They are stunning pink roses from Jane Packer, displayed in a pretty pink hat box. They are still going strong and look as good now as when they were delivered.

In the afternoon we headed off to Canon's Ashby which is our local National Trust property.It was as beautiful as ever and we wandered around the house and gardens.I love this gate and think I have probably shared a photo of it in a previous post.

The views from the garden are stunning and it is so peaceful. I would definitely recommend a visit if you get the chance. There is also a lovely tea room and shop as well as a second hand book shop. I managed to find a pile of old Ladybird books very cheaply which are destined to be turned in to more bunting to decorate the next fair.


Alix said...

I'm not surprised you can't part with the eiderdown - the fabric is so lovely! Great pond yacht and bunting too! I had hoped to go to the Country Living Fair but I didn't put it on the calendar so completely forgot...Maybe next time!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

love the bunting! Also love everything else in this post - dont know where to start! Beautiful flowers :o) Scarlett x

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

I thought I recognised those meringues ;-)

You've had some lovely days out and those roses are beautiful ... my nephew bought me a lovely bunch last week for my birthday and after 4 days they were shattering and all the heads fell off this morning.

I'm off to the Flea Market in the morning ... can't resist especially when the sun is shining ... have a great weekend xx

Mary Jane's Tearoom said...

Such a lovely post.....and beautiful flowers!
Susan x

ted and bunny said...

thankyou so much for this post- such beautiful things and just what I needed to calm me down after an already hectic morning- and it's only 6.30 am!!

cupcakejojo said...

What gorgeous flowers! I love so many of your finds, the bunting is a treasure!

Jo x

Josie-Mary said...

Love the bunting & flowers :)

Sarah said...

Great bunting - just right for the upcoming wedding! I missed the CL fair unfortunately, but looks like you got some great buys!

Hesta Nesta said...

Such beautiful treasures Ann. I am so glad you have found some Union Jack bunting as Mr C told me at Northampton you had been looking for some for ages, I had to pay an extortionate amount for mine from a certain auction site!! The Jane Packer flowers are exquisite. Have a lovely weekend.
Jo xx

landcuckoo said...

You have had a good few weeks there! Hitchin is definately a good spot for shopping and tea rooms on a sunny flea market day.
Great bunting too
Sarah x

Stitchfork said...

Great photos and treasures! Keep searching for that bunting and hopefully you'll find it soon. Love the photo of the gate!

sylviesgarden said...

So many pretty things. I love the Union Jack bunting.
Have a great weekend.

Thecraftytrundler said...

A lovely post, and some lovely finds!! Will have to get down to the places Debbie recommended!!
Love the roses! What a lovely surprise : )

Sharon xx

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Missed you, we went there for coffee and cake in the morning with all my gang. Bethany came away with a lovely posy of flowers for Becky as they were making mothers day posies with the children there.

jodi said...

I love the bunting. Beautiful pictures!