Sunday, 13 March 2011

Birthday Treats

Yesterday was my birthday and I was thoroughly spoiled. I had a lovely day with family, eating nice food, chatting and taking Josh out for a lovely long walk with my mum and her dog.

My lovely girl had some wonderful surprises for me. Another deliciously smelling Yankee Candle and a gorgeous Emma Bridgewater mug. Unbeknown to me she sneaked back to Hope and Greenwood when we were in london a few weeks ago whilst I was busy trying clothes on in another shop. She bought me the lovely tea towels in their new design and also the fab 'Life Is Sweet' book.

It is full of delicious recipes for old fashioned sweets as well as gorgeous photos using lots of vintage tins and other vintage items to show off the mouthwatering sweets and chocolates.

She also treated me to these gorgeous Cath Kidston tins I had admired the last time we were in the shop. As I said I have been well and truly spoiled.

My friend Debbie gave me this lovely 'Tramway Art' book. she knows I love old travel posters.

From Mr C I had this lovely Per Una linen coat I have had my eye on for a few weeks. The photo really doesn't do the colour justice.

He also bought me this gorgeous fabric covered hat box. I love hat boxes and when we were out on Friday I had spotted this and reluctantly walked away convincing myself that I didn't need it. He had sneaked back and bought it for me when I was in another shop and I am so pleased he did.

It came from a beautiful shop called 'Home and Colonial' in Berkhamsted but more about that in my next post.

The little dogs and the Robert Opie book were from my mum and dad. I am not sure of the maker of the dogs but wondered if they might be Sylvac. They have no name on the bottom just a number. If you have any idea please let me know.

Anyway back to house work and Vintage Fair preparations today.


Ms C said...

What lovely gifts. Hope you had a great day. Happy Birthday for yesterday!

Alix said...

What a thoughtful, treasure-hunting family you have! No wonder you were thrilled -such lovely pressies. Happy Birthday for yesterday, and hope the nice times continue today ( I think birthday weekends should last the whole weekend!)

A Treasured Past said...

A Big Happy Birthday from across the pond. How sweet is the little reader! Its nice to know that you had a lovely day and received some beautiful gifts. Tam x

June said...

What lovely Birthday treats - I'm like you a bit of a sucker for hat boxes and that dog ornament is very cute! Happy Birthday.

Andi's English Attic said...

Happy Birthday! You have some wonderful presents. So pleased to read you've been spoilt. Isn't that what birthdays are all about?

ps - just read your previous post - TWO dogs on wheels? That's really one too many. I think the other should be rehomes...with me!

bellaboo said...

Belated Happy Birthday Wishes to you!
You got some gorgeous gifts.I wonder what you are going to put in all those lovely CK tins? Those doggies could be Sylvac.I have a rabbit which just has 'Made in England' on the bottom,which I'm told is Sylvac. :0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday and I'm looking forward to the fair next weekend.

Pennyblossoms said...

Happy Birthday!
As Alix said, I hope it is continuing all over the weekend!
Some lovely gifts and a trip to 'Berko', one of our favourite places to visit. It's gorgeous isn't it?
Ooo, less than a week to the fair and Mr B has the W/E off so he'll be coming too! See you there!
Have a lovely week,
Z xx

Jenny at Red House said...

How Lovely! Happy Birthday to you! you are being weel and truly spoilt and quite right too!jennyx

Hesta Nesta said...

Happy Birthday Ann, you had some lovely pressies. The little dogs look like Sylvac to me and so cute. Looking forward to seeing you next Saturday...I've got lots of goodies to bring!!
Jo xx

A Blessed Life said...

Happy Birthday looks like you had a wonderful day xx

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Glad you had a good day, and so pleased you liked the book. It just called your name when I saw it and I had to get it.
Another new coat - my goodnes and that hat box is super. Well done Mr C.

Tabbyroo said...

Happy Birthday for yesterday, what thoughtful presents you had, look forward to seeing you at the fair xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

What lovely, thoughtful family you have - great pressies! Love the coat! Have a good week, Abby x

jodi said...

Happy Birthday! The gifts look lovely.

sylviesgarden said...

Happy birthday!
So many lovely presents.

potterjotter said...

Wow - I'd be happy to have any one of your presents - we obviously have the same tastes. The coat is divine!

LissyLou said...

happy birthday xx