Sunday, 20 June 2010

Heart Or Head ?

Before I share my latest finds I wanted to tell you about my new venture that very nearly happened. For a long time my friend Deb from 'home thoughts from vintage wants' and I had dreamed about our hobby becoming more serious. For some time we have sold a few of our vintage bits and pieces to make space for even more ! It has been fun and a nice diversion from work and other pressures but no more than a hobby. Recently the local antiques centre has changed hands and has really started to take off. We decided to take the plunge and step up from a hobby to having our own little booth. We have both been really excited about it but I had a niggling doubt. Anyway after much thought , I decided that I had to listen to my head for once rather than my heart. I work full time in a demanding job and my spare time is precious. I enjoy searching out my vintage bits and pieces as a way of relaxing and switching off. I realised that if it became more serious it would just become another pressure and may not be as fun anymore. Also spending time with my family is precious and I want to spend as much time with my lovely girl as I can before she flies the nest. So from a time point of view and to a lesser extent from a financial and business point of the view the new venture made no sense for me.
However for Deb things are different, she is in a different point in her life and career and has more time to spare. She has decided to go it alone with my full support and as much practical help as I can manage. From next Sunday her little area at the Northampton Antiques Centre will be open so please pop along and show her your support.

Anyway back to my latest finds. Today we had a lovely day in Oxford and of course I found a couple of little bits and bobs to bring home. The cheeky chap above was spotted in the window of 'Antiques On High' and couldn't be left behind. My dog collection seems to be expanding rapidly.

I was so excited when I saw a display of Pip Studio in the window of Boswell & Co dept store. I treated myself to the towel and pretty bird cup and saucer.

After a browse around 'Antiques On High' we popped next door to the gorgeous 'Grand Cafe' for a pot of my favourite Earl Grey. It has a wonderfully opulent interior with mirrors and marble and gilt and reassuringly heavy, Liberty Arts and Crafts style tea pots and milk jugs. It is supposed to be the site of the first coffee house in England according to the diary of Samuel Pepys.

Oxford as usual was beautiful and busy with tourists enjoying the sunshine.

We spent some time in Blackwells, our favourite shop in Oxford. It is so easy to completely lose track of time when you are engrossed in browsing all the latest books.

I loved the moulding on this doorway, there are so many beautiful architectural details everywhere.

Yesterday was a first for me. Mr C and I went along to our local auction rooms. Mr C had called in the day before to the viewing and picked up the list for me. He had spotted the tapestry fire screen and thought I would like it. Anyway we went along and I made a successful bid for it. I have never bid at an auction before so was very pleased to secure it for a bargain price. My plan is to paint it in a nice Farrow and Ball shade but haven't quite decided .

Earlier in the morning was a mini boot sale at a nursing home round the corner. I found the pretty hat pin holder and glass knife rests.

I also bought a present for Mr C, these stained glass panels. He loves stained glass and over the years has added pieces to our house to complement the original glass.

As mentioned in my last post I am planning my first ever giveaway next week. On Tuesday it will be my first blogiversary and this coincides with me having 100 lovely followers. Please pop back on Tuesday and join in the giveaway.


A Blessed Life said...

As usual, you have made my day, started it with a little dreaming and then a little bit of envy and then just happiness for you,best wishes to your friends venture and with a friend like you I am sure she will fly,I think you made the right decision, your timing is not right for you yet and the children are gone in a blink so enjoy her.Carole

Felicity said...

youve found some lovely things, i understand your reasons for not setting up the booth with your friend, i hope she does well, maybe its something you can do in the future! fliss xx

ted and bunny said...

Hiya- lovely finds as ALWAYS:)
A difficult and brave h-over-h choice, but if a joy becomes a chore and a pressure, then it's defeated it's object, and you might not have time to show us the wonderful weekly finds!
I wanted to get Bruce the Horse fit for some competitions this year but found I was knocking myself out trying to ride and school him 5 times a week as well as my work and home, and I realised I'd made my "escape route" into a work schedule and it was not good for ANYONE!
I'm so looking forward to your Giveaway,

Lisa said...

I love your new Pip pieces. Very cute indeed.
What a wrangle you've had to got through to make your decision, but like you say the head must rule the heart sometimes!
Lisa x

The Vintage Knitter said...

I agree, that sometime the head must rulke the heart, but don't ever rule that prospect out! I haven't been to Oxford in years, but reading your post has me think about re-visiting it soon, and I do like your recent buys, especially the firescreen and the glass panels.

The Little Vintage Company said...

Gorgeous finds! Looks like you had a great weekend, Oxford looks like a lovely place to visit with beautiful shop fronts! Tough decision you had to make! But never say never!
Tamzin X

VintageWantsNotNeeds said...

Hi Ann thanks for your words of encouragement, you know I understand completely your decision and I am a big girl now (well almost).
Thank you for sharing the pictures of Oxford. I lived there when I was 10 my father was the Manager of the John Menzies book shop there many years ago and I spent many enjoyable hours along the river and in the city, I was allowed to go in there on my own or with friends on the bus, amazing when you think of it, the freedom we had back then. Thank you for jogging lovely memories and thank you for being my friend.

bellaboo said...

I'm sure you made the right decision about the booth and maybe it's something you could do in the future.I've thought about doing the same and renting in an antique shop,but like you I thought it would put me under pressure to be looking for stock and worrying I wouldn't sell enough to pay the rent.I love all your finds especially the fire screen.The picture will really stand out after you've painted the wood.

Bellaboo ;0)

Rebecca White said...

Lovely finds!
I think your decision not to go in with the booth right now was actually very brave. I have a terrible habit of saying 'yes' to everything, and whilst I love all um, four, five, I lose count, of my 'jobs', I do crave time to myself to just relax sometimes! And like the others said, perhaps you can join in in the future!
Becky :-)


HI, I think you have made the right decision , your daughter will have flown the nest in a couple of years, and our time with our children is short,My son is just doing GCSEs and yesterday on the Aled Jones show (listening too on way back from car boot)Howard Jones 80,S pop star wrote and performed a song (lovely) about his daughter leaving home for uni and it made me very emotional about my son and I have vowed to spend as much time with him he will let me!!! so I am with you all the way, and i am sure you will have vintage adventures in future!! best wishes,linda.

Anonymous said...

thanks for visiting I Love your pretty tea cup I was eyeing up the plate that matches this cup and saucer wondering whether to get it or not they are just so nice but so much to choose from .
You have taken some great photos what lovely buildings i would love to visit one day .
Well done on the bidding I find actual auction room bidding is very scary and I much prefer on-line ones and the stained glass is gorgeous what a great find

landcuckoo said...

Tough decision for you, all the best to Deb with her venture.
Lovely pictures of some great finds.
Take care
Sarah x